Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sundays are the best. not. i live in chapman hall. a place with no kitchen and let me tell you it is fabulous! because we cant buy food on sundays and i have not gone to walmart for a while. so i had a bagel for lunch and i think for dinner i will have either cereal or yup, it is cereal. i basically live off of cereal now! crazy.
so february 14h is coming up and a lot of girls here at BYU-I are complaining that they dont have dates. oh my gosh. get over yourselves! watch a chick flick and eat chocolate like every other single girl in the world! i have a valentine :)
her name is laura alys smith! i am going to get her tons and tons of chocolate! man i am going to be the best valentine! i am gonna get her fattened up for her future husband/boyfriend. whichever one comes first :)
71 days until i go home and i can not wait. idaho sucks! laura and i have a great countdown going on! i cant wait until the three day weekend in february! school is just annoying! who needs it!
i know. i sound like a loser when i say this but... i like to read the hobbit. it is actually a very good book! i have never seen lord of the rings or anything like that but i might want to now!
i want a good home cooked meal. ughh screw idaho! california all the wayy <3

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