Tuesday, January 25, 2011

David Draghici

So, David thought it would be entertaining if I started a blog.

So here it is. College life is super fun! Well parts of it! I definitely love the snow… NOT! My roommate Laura and I were walking to one of the few places in Rexburg and out of nowhere some stupid black ice (which it wasn’t black, it was more like cement colored.) I tried to help her while she was falling and be the hero but I am not the most stable of people, so Laura went down first, and then myself. I have to admit it was pretty funny! That was the second time I fell! Ice-2 Kaitlin-0. My roommate and I do a lot of stupid things when we don’t want to do homework! Usually I am the one who starts the procrastinating. Shocker, I know. I am such an amazing student  :)
My classes this semester are pretty dumb! I have to admit that they are super boring and it’s really hard to pay attention in them! Especially science foundations! Holy crap. That guy is weird and mono-toned! Lame! It is already hard enough for me to pay attention! Oh and he wears sweater vests everyday! Hahahaha who knew you could have so many. H-A-W-T!
Laura Smith is my super cool roommate! We try to motivate each other. We are going to look like pussycat dolls! It is going to be great! We have a count down of until we both go back to sunny California! 75 days! :D it keeps us going!
If you didn’t know, I have a job at the crossroads! It is our schools cafeteria! And it sucks… haha. I mean it is great because I get paid! But other than that its eh.
Lauren and Brianna. I basically live over there when I am not home! I love them! They are super fun and I am way glad I met them! They also keep me sane! MAZE. We are all obsessed with the movie Grown Ups. It is honestly so funny! Almost all of my thoughts and words are lines from that movie!
I miss California soooo much! This is really sad… 25 degrees feels like heaven to me. I never thought those nasty little words would come out of my mouth! Sick.
Most of the things I put up here will be embarrassing stories that I don’t want all of the acquaintances on Facebook to know!
There was this guy I was walking next to one day and he totally almost biffed it… on a crack in the cement. And what does he say to me? Hey watch out there is a really dangerous crack right there! Haha I think it was a little more akward that he actually said something to me after he just tripped. Haha poor guy. 
My internet totally just went off so i dont remember what i wrote after this.. but yeah! my first blog! woowoo!

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