Tuesday, April 5, 2011


PLANES. really? why cant you just let me have my baggage weigh as much as i want? do you know how hard it is being a girl in college... only coming up with two suitcases full?! of course i am going to buy stuff when i get up here. duhhh. well i have one carry on. two suitcases that are just a little under 50. and then a BIG mama jama that weighs 71 pounds.. what to do? i have no clue. and that stupid thing rolled over my foot! i know it didnt mean to. and i forgive it because it is all my cute clothes and shoes that i bought up here. do you think maybe if i flirt with the baggage checker they will forget that it is 21 pounds over weight?! no. i didnt think so either. well needless to say i am all done with my freshman year in college. it is so weird because i still get that i look like i am a junior in high school.
as you know my college is a church college and so everything is very church oriented! well we have what is called Family Home Evening. basically it is game night for us all the time. we have this one game that every one sits down and there is one person in the middle who is blind folded with a pillow. they need to search around and put the pillow on someones lap and then sit on that person. they say to make noises like a dog, cat, lion etc... so when someone took off the blindfold this is what they said "i couldnt find it and i was feeling around for like 10 minutes!!"
"thats what she said!!"
i know i thought it was pretty funny and had to share!
well i am going back to cali in T Minus 3 days. i am super excited. not only to see my friends family and dogs butttttt... BECAUSE I AM SOO GHOSTLY WHITE. my freckles disappeared. i didnt even know they could do that! i knew that they faded but not totally go away. its depressing. i liked my freckles. hopefully they will come back to me.
my roommate laura gets to leave tomorrow and i am so jealous! her fambam is picking her up! mine sent me on a plane. thanks guys. youre the best.
i really cant wait to go home though. my little brother has been texting me non-stop. yes. my LITTLE brother. k, if i dont respond right away he sends like 5 more text messages! i think it is funny. but cute :) i am glad i can talk to him now!!
so a few of the things that i am going to actually miss here in rexburg:
1. Costa Vida! it is soo good! but it came this semester! sweet pork nachos! oh delishhh!
2. Working with Autumn! she is so fun to work with and i am going to miss her! she is graduating!
3. my fantabulous roommates! they were soo fun to live with!
4. not having my parents breathing down my neck about where i am going.
CALI-FOUR-NI-YAY!!!!! here i come! <3