Wednesday, January 26, 2011


so yesterday laura and i were walking to taco bell because we were hungry and wanted taco bell! while we were crossing one of the few intersections there was this blue truck and mind you like 100% of the town is mormon! back to the guy! apparently this girl in front of him totally cut him off! startled by the f-bomb and other words laura and i look up and it is the blue truck man! after that we hurredly walked into taco bell! when we were done eating we walk out and guess who we saw again.... BLUE TRUCK MAN! crazy!
on our way home we walked past a donut shop and so we walked in and my roomie laura goes
laura: hey can i have the pink sprinkled one?
man: im colorblind so which one?
l: oh the one that is second from the top blablabla
M: oh ok
Me: ok can i have the one directly across from hers see where my shadow is?
Guy: the purple one?
Me: i thought you were colorblind...
Guy: only red and green.

i felt like an idiot. then i got to thinking... that guy has red hair, so what color does he think it is???
today i felt like a loser! my schedule: work 10:30-2:45, classes from 3:15-6:15, then library for four hours. really? c'mon college.. you suck!

oh and i am not the only clutzy one here at BYU-I. Laura is just as bad. . .  maybe even worse! so it was at night and she was trying to get off her bed and i swear it was the slowest fall off my life! and she got this huge bruise on her knee! haha poor roomie.

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