Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy valentines day to me! everyone in the world and their mother wants me to get fat apparently! i know  that i am loved. and really... i do appreciate it. but let me tell you what all of my packages consist of:
         36 cookies(which i either had to eat in three days or put in the freezer. i put them in my freezer, my sister on the other hand ate 33 of them in less than three days. bhahah)
         two bags of my favorite chips! flamin hot lays which they dont even make here! ( another reason to hate idaho)
         three almond snickers! also my favorite.
         HUGE bag of starbursts
         and ya know what there is so much more i am getting tired of typing it.

everyone knows i play waterpolo. the reason, i am super clumsy and cant run to save my life. well i played a basketball game for the first time in my life.
so here is what happened. my friend ali up here is the coach of a team and she gets charged for every game she has to cancel bc of lack of players. being the good friend that i am i helped her out and played a game!
so i was doing pretty good. THEN i even stole the ball! i was running down the court towards our basket (mind you, nobody was around me.) i fell. flat on my butt! and the reff was so cute! oh my. honestly! nobody was around me!! hahah i will stick to the water.
a movie that me and my roommate and our new friend amanda LOVE is called Angus, Thongs and the perfect snogging.
it is so funny! honestly. and the guy has an accent. who could ask for more!?

here is a question i was asking myself after i watched this. why do us single girls watch cute romantic movies that make our love lives look pathetic? SIMPLE. because we all want this to happen to us. but it never will. the boys in those movies are super cute and romantic. i have yet to actually meet a boy like that. therefore my dream of having my life become a romantic comedy is over. done. fini.
girls here at BYU-I surprise me everyday. honestly, i dont know what the eff goes through their stubborn little heads! if a guy doesnt like you it is obvious! stop talking to him. he is just being nice and trying not to hurt you. or on the other hand. creepy boys stop talking to us girls! we all talk about it. every text you send. we analyze every single word, or happy face that you send us. and it makes you even more creepy. even if the boy is not creepy at all, if we like him and he gets annoying then he becomes creepy. and if he is not what we want we dont give them the time of day... i am not trying to be harsh but that is the real deal. we will be your friends. then you take it to a whole new level.. not appreciated. so please dont. :) less pain for the both of you.
i actually feel bad for the boy species.
whatever girl tells you that we are not complicated is honestly wrong! i dont know what is going through their heads. we think that we are giving guys these HUGE hints that we like them. but in real life we arent giving them crap. personally i dont think i will ever give out huge hints or flat out tell someone how i feel unless they tell me first! rejection is not my strongest suit. boys have it hard. i have to admit. and it totally is hard to ask someone to dance. i was dared to ask a boy once. can you talk about sweaty hands! hahah oh my gosh. one of the worst things i have ever had to do!
actually i did tell a boy once that i really liked him! TOTALLY shut down. haha i laugh about it now and we are still good friends but it really makes you feel like an idiot. it was so hard though! it makes you feel like you are back in freshman/sophomore year of high school. the ugly little fat kid with braces that has no confidence what so ever!
and i am sorry but people. facebook is not to share your feelings.. hence the bloggage :) i am tired of hearing how people are having bad days! especially yesterday! what the heck! i was actually happy on valentines day and being single! it is honestly not that bad at all. i enjoyed my day! fun filled at work! i had like four valentines... i know. i am a pimp. that is all.

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