Saturday, March 5, 2011


there is barely any snow on the ground! thank goodness! i love grass even when its brown! i just need some grass in my life! it does a person good, ya know?
last semester i was doing a competition with my roommate aly where we could not eat any deserts for like a month. we both tied. so this semester i am doing it again. i forgot how miserable this was!!! oh my gosh. i am addicted to sweets! i cant live without them... it was the second day and i had a dream about eating starbursts... then a few days later i had a dream about eating chocolate! mmm it was so good! haha
i think this has also been messing with my dreams. i had a dream that i had a baby!!! i didnt do the dirty or the have to give labor. i just woke up and i had a baby! she was the cuteset baby ever!! she had bright green eyes and freckles! it was such a good dream! its only been ten days since i have been off sweets. my name is kaitlin and i am addicted to candy.
then the night after that i had a dream that i got married. i really need to leave BYU Idaho. this is what it does to me! 
i now have pink in my hair! i love it! avril lavigne was my inspiration! im not gonna lie. i still love her.
after being here for two semesters at byui i finally have to give a talk. i have not had a calling or anything. . . and i am going up with pink in my hair. haha i told my dad about it and he was like PINK? in your HAIR?? yeah..... 
so when i got the pink in my hair i got like two strips right? should only take like 15 min right? ok it took an hour and a half! i was like are you serious!?
k we all go on facebook and you all know what i am talking about. when those people take like 15 pictures of themselves and they put all of them up. why cant you just pick one? i mean i still look at all of them dont get me wrong. but STILL! its just irritating! 
lastly. . . i was in a movie last night and i wasnt talking that loud but some guy of large stature who was like two rows in front of me and my friends turns around and goes " hey can you guys shutup??"
ok how rude is that!? we were there first! and i mean if he wanted to get in a fight i could totally take him on! he was just so rude. if you are gonna say something to someone be nice about it! that jerk. 

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